10 June 2014

Proposal + Engagement + Anniversary + Birthday

 If you've been following my blog closely, you should have known that Iman proposed to me last November. Tbh, I wasn't expecting a proposal since it isn't really a common practice in our Malay culture (though I think it’s slowly changing now). Anyway let me quickly recap what happened that November. We were eating some junk at our usual spot (we fight and make up a lot there, lol so juvenile). It was just 2 hours after I turned 24 when Iman decided to go on that one-bended-knee position. I knew right away what he was up to. He took both my hands in his and looked up at me (I was sitting on a stone ledge so he didn’t really have to arch his neck so much). I have always had trouble gazing into his eyes because I always. End. Up. Laughing. But that night was different mostly because I knew he was about to say something that will alter the course of our lives. 

He started by reminding me that we’ve both known each other for a long time. Silly me, how could I forget that! But yes, 6 years at that point of time. Not very long tbh but it really felt like I’ve known him longer than just that. Then he went on to tell me how much he cherishes our relationship and that he loves me so much. At some point, I wanted to laugh because gazing eyes are apparently too much for me to handle. But he had this dead-serious look on his face and he wasn’t even smiling. He was just, talking. He was talking about his love for me, and how serious and committed he is in our far-from-perfect relationship. For someone who doesn't usually speak in English to me, he sure nailed that language that night, albeit a little clumsily (still cute nonetheless). 

Halfway through, he stopped to present me with my birthday present. Still on his knee, he took out a blue box and I was so sure it was a ring. I mean, who the hell proposes without a ring, right? Right. My boyfriend. Lol, my silly baby actually got me a pretty, dainty little necklace that happened to match my dress that night. So he put it on for me and then returned to his one-bended-knee position. HOW CUTE IS THAT. And he continued from where he stopped. If I remember correctly, he was shaking a little. Most likely from the stress of almost reaching to the main point of all this bended knees thing.

Will you spend the rest of your life with me?

I remember screaming (softly) of course to him, lol, because why in the world would I say no or even pretend to consider my decision when he was sOo CuTe all the while?! Plus he also gave me a pen (not mentioned earlier) on top of the necklace when he was halfway proposing to me. Baby pls, why so cute. The whole affair ended with a hug and him giving his thanks to The Almighty.

And roughly 6 months later, last month, we had a traditional engagement ceremony with our family and friends. This 15th, he turns 26 and 18th, we celebrate our 4th year. Thank you, dear Iman, for everything. The past few years has been a rollercoaster of a ride. I love you (I am so tempted to add “present tense”).


  1. aiyo so sweet cannot later i get diabetes

    1. you know what is sweeter? you commenting on my entry <3