31 March 2014

Sony Xperia V underwater experience

After a good 11 months with my Sony Xperia V, I’m finally writing a review, oh thank god. I’m not very bold and am always extra careful with this phone in terms of water exposure despite it being a full-fledged water-resistant phone (note that it says water-resistant and not waterproof). But a few curious clicks on Google had me realize that many users of the same phone actually brought it out swimming underwater and all while I’ve only gone as far as standing in the rain with it and looking smug at the same time because I can. 

So yesterday I went swimming with my family and I was on the pool deck holding on to my phone and I thought why not? It took me literally a minute to decide the fate of my otherwise trusty Xperia. Yeah, otherwise trusty, because it died on me after a couple of shots underwater. Sigh, my life. The phone was still alive though – I could receive phone calls, text messages, and all but the touchscreen function doesn’t work. I couldn’t unlock it, I couldn’t off it (because I need to tap on the “power off” button and nope, touchscreen was completely disabled. I removed the battery and SIM card and let the phone rest for a bit before trying my luck again. God must have answered my prayer because after about 7 hours, I switched the phone on and it works like a charm. In fact, I just did a system update.

The only sad thing is that I can see water droplets on my front and main camera. The front one cleared off this morning but the main camera is looking really nasty. I’m pretty sure my phone will die soon because it’s just gonna rust whatever’s inside. Meh. Thank god (again) it’s still on warranty till May so perhaps I’ll bring it for servicing end April or something. And of course, leaving the taking-pictures-underwater part out.

Anyway the touch screen function doesn’t work underwater so my suggestion is to download this app. It overrides the camera’s original shutter button on touch screen so you can take pictures with the volume button on the side instead. And yeap, that's how my main camera looks like now. Meh, Sony.

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