16 January 2014

Travel 2014

I know this is terribly late but happy 2014 to all my imaginary readers!

My only hope for this year is to be able to visit at least five countries. Coming up in 16 days time is Philippines, Manila. Nothing fancy, really, but whatever floats my boat. And in exactly 36 days, I will be heading over to Indonesia, Jakarta – my virgin trip there. I've been to Medan though, but that was more than a decade ago and tbh, other than the countless beggars I saw there, I have totally zero memory of that place. Also, other places I wish to go to (hopefully this year) includes Thailand (Krabi), Taiwan (Taipei), Hong Kong, and China (Shenzhen). If I were to go Hong Kong, I can totally hop over to Shenzhen. I've been to both places in 2012 and I remember loving them both a whole lot. The vintage shops there are like my version of paradise!

Unfortunately, my London-Paris 2014 trip has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. There goes my all-day fantasy of eating cupcakes and croissants at Eiffel Tower on my 25th birthday. I guess I'll save big trips like this for much later when I have better cash flow(ing in). Air tickets are crazy and with that amount, I can visit three countries easily. 

I started going travel-crazy in 2012 when I started my first full-time job. In that year alone, I went to six countries (wow). Last year was okay – I visited three countries. Really hoping that I will have more travel opportunities this year. Ameen to that.

So here's to a great Travel 2014!

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