22 December 2013

The Fullerton chocolate buffet at The Courtyard


 Photos taken with a Nikon P310

So last week I had my virgin chocolate buffet at The Fullerton. I am not sure if I actually like it or not. The buffet is over at the courtyard but am not sure if there was a mistake or something because one thing for sure, that place definitely wasn't a courtyard. At all. It was basically indoor, right next to where the information counters are. Strange... Anyway when I laid my eyes on the chocolate line, I wasn't impress at all. The spread wasn't what I imagined – extravagant and huge. In fact, it was the total opposite. There wasn't a lot of selection so my mood was pretty much dampened even before I walked in. But after like 4 pieces of chocolates, two chocolate drinks, a raspberry white chocolate thing, a piece of macaroon, strawberry fondue, and a tiny red velvet cake, I started feeling full. So I guess I shouldn't complain too much about the small array of selection. But for $48 (not including taxes), I expected more that just four flavours of macaroons, two flavours of chocolate fountain and a crappy ice-cream corner. Meh,

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