28 September 2013

Travelogue: Bali


Photos taken with a Canon Rebel T2i (18-135mm)

Five days and four nights in one of the world's most awesome beach destination, Bali. Opted to head to Kuta for some touristy action and night loving. We stayed at Best Western Kuta Beach and Kuta Station Hotel and Spa. The latter was beyond awesome. Huge room, huge toilet, great bar, the pool right on your doorstep... Just bliss. Budgeted only $600 (inclusive of airfare and lodging) for the entire trip and it was really just nice. Each meal easily costs about SGD15, which is almost triple of what I would usually pay back at home. For a pretty run-down place, I have to say it's very expensive. But then again, what was I expecting? I mean, it's Kuta. I remember that I only budgeted $500 for Vietnam and it was actually more than enough because I managed to do quite a bit of shopping then. Right now, I am thinking of a Jakarta or Taiwan trip next year. I really wish I was brave enough to get just a one-way air ticket to somewhere. Well you know, just because.

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