26 September 2013

Sunset in Kuta Beach, Bali

 Photos taken with a Canon Rebel T2i (18-135mm)

Decked on a (Nikon, the irony) tripod, my DSLR is finally put to good use after hibernating in the dry cabinet for a long time. I brought it along with me to Bali, Indonesia just to take some sunset shots, and omg, do I not regret it! I set it to Program Mode, white balance on Flash mode, ISO to a low 100, and there you go. To be honest, this was my first experience with sunset photography (because I am usually very lazy to bring my tripod out). Anyway, Bali was amazing. The last time I was there was in 2009 and there has been so much changes, especially in Kuta. The people are friendlier than what I remembered previously. Everything was perfect. The weather, the hotel, the company, the beaches, the pool, the food. Only downside was the price. Even coming from a wealthy country like Singapore, I have to say the things there are rather expensive! So nope, I didn't do much shopping, just mostly lazing around in my expensive swimwear :P

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