30 September 2013

Our Singapore home: Jurong Spring Haven

Boyfriend and I are a step closer to having a home of our own. To be exact, a ridiculously expensive home of our own. In many other countries, buying a house can never be more costly than buying one here. Our future 93sqft house has easily cost us SGD302k already and it is exclusive of renovations. In Malaysia, an entire 3-storey bungalow, along with a huge patio and a garage will cost only approximately SGD200k. Based on a few clicks on Google, the median price of houses in Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles is SGD1.3 million. And we are talking about houses of over 1200sqft. In Singapore, a 1500sqft house is roughly SGD3.5 million. And it isn’t even on a prime location. 

Coming from the middle-income group in Singapore, I have to admit that it is going to be a struggle to keep up with this SGD302k home. What more for those who are from the lower-income group? Singapore is getting too expensive to live in. The cost of everything (food, houses, cars) but our salary is hiking in every ways possible. And the funny thing is, so much of our land here are invested for private residential development. Who are they for? Sadly, they are for our foreign friends. I guess in a country like Singapore, money really makes one happy.

Anyway, depressing thoughts aside, here is a sneak preview of our future lovenest! It sure is a cosy little thing and more than anything else, I have never felt so passionate and dedicated to a physical item before. I can’t wait for it to be ready, so much that I already have some designs for the interior going on in my head already. I would love to have parquet flooring but I guess in the long-run, it will only give us massive headaches, especially once we have our own kids. And IKEA is so gonna be our bestfriend soon. Oh, and did I mention that my parent's place is only half a soccer field away?


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