23 August 2013

Top 9 reasons why being a woman is awesome

I have never approved the use of the word “misogynist”. That, and also its counterpart “misandrist”. Mention that to me and seriously, our conversation is over. There are many reasons why these two words even came into existence. I blame the people with chauvinistic tendencies. I have encountered several individuals who are misogynistic so to defend myself, I am just going to list down a couple of perks of being a woman.
I hope this post doesn’t make me sound like a misogynist instead. I realize the fine line between why-being-a-woman-is-awesome and this-is-a-good-reason-to-be-a-woman – the latter has a rather chauvinistic nuance to it. But anyway!

1) You get to enjoy life’s little pleasures
Manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, glitter body scrubs, bubble baths, the list goes on. You are free to indulge in these pleasures and make them known to the world without even feeling embarrassed about it. I mean, imagine your guy friend telling you he’s looking forward to his weekly Friday bubble bath sessions. I cannot even.

2) You can be yourself
When you are disappointed, you can cry. When you’re heartbroken, you can cry. When you’re sad, you can cry. When you get pricked by a needle, you can cry. And who says you can’t cry when you’re happy? No one. You can follow your emotions, not hide it at all, be honest about it, and guess what? No one is ever going to judge you for shedding those tears. Guys, I’m sorry but if you ever so much as to cry when chased by a dog, you just lost every single macho points you had before.

3) You get to experience life inside you for 9 months
Guys, move to the side. If this is not considered awesome, then I don’t know what awesome is anymore.

4) You can wear anything your male counterpart wears
Give me those briefs! And here’s my XS Victoria’s Secret lace panty in exchange. While woman can still snuggle into the former, albeit loose, man will never fit into those extra-smalls without feeling all squished up. You can wear blue t-shirts without inviting judgemental stares but imagine a man wearing pink, polka dotted sweatpants. No. Just no. You can also wear a hugeass Fossil watch but man just won’t look cool with that small and dainty Baby G.

5) You can listen to just any songs in the world
I admit my guilty pleasures include Justin Bieber’s songs. I do feel self-conscious, wondering if people can hear those repeated “baby, baby” lines over my earphones. But I’m guessing those judgmental stares are more reserved for screaming babies over a man’s earphones instead. Because dude, I would definitely judge you for being a Belieber.

6) You’re the only one who will truly understand your child
Thanks to the 9 months head start and all the breast feedings, you get to bond with your child in a special way that no other – not even the father – can mimic. That said, only you will understand what your child needs and it will get even better as they grow up into their teens. Your child will also turn to you more than he or she would to his dad. Well, at least I confide in my mom more than in my dad. He’s awesome, though. But well, mom is just. Beyond. Awesome. 

7) You can dress up
You can be over-the-top dressy, make-up and all but no one is going to go, “Date tonight?” on you like a guy would most likely get. And that’s because we are always prim and proper all year round, not I-have-something-on-tonight-so-I-gotta-shave-my-legs like most guys are. Bleah. 

8) You can be honest about everything
For the record, I would tell the person who pissed me off that I’m pissed. I would go up and tell someone I’m sad because a colleague is leaving without getting the you-are-kidding look. I will tell the IT guy that I am rather CSS-illiterate. Women don’t always feel the need to “man-up” and hide their true feelings on something that affects them, no matter how small it is. No one is going to laugh at you for not knowing how to throw a proper hoop. Sadly, it doesn’t work the same way for men.

9) It’s a power pack of an occupation
Mom, chef, housemaker, doctor, advisor, baker, counsellor, teacher, giver… I swear this list can go on forever. To top that all, if you are also bringing home the dough, you definitely deserve your own podium for an Oscar speech.

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