8 August 2013

The package

Photos taken with a Canon Rebel T2i (50mm)

Oh look what came in the mail last afternoon! An embroidered chiffon dress! I thought this was a really awesome piece because of its intricate patterns. And also because it has sleeves so I don't have to go all cardigan and such. Can't wait to wear this out! Anyway today marks the last day of Ramadhan, which means tomorrow is Syawal, the Muslim's festive season. The day after is our 48th national day. Which, again, means that we have two public holidays that are back-to-back! Yay to long weekend! I really need to sleep + rest to my heart's content over Sat-Sun. Work has been pretty hectic lately so I definitely deserve to rot a little now. Heh.

To my Muslim readers, wishing you all a joyous hari raya filled with happiness and laughters with your loved ones. To my non-Muslim readers in Singapore, have a good holiday! It's time to celebrate!

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