3 August 2013

Project Postcards

Photos taken with a Canon Rebel T2i (50mm)

What I have been up to lately: Designing 4x6 postcards with themes. I sold these three sets of four postcards each to a friend. I am glad she loves them. I personally like the first one - The Forest Series. Yes, they all have names to it. The second one is The Elephant Series, followed by The Travel Series. Thinking of putting them up on Etsy so I can ship worldwide too. Obviously, these are gonna be made to order. Well, I'm still deciding because of the listing fee although it's not that much - only USD0.20 per item over four months. I find designing these postcards very therapeutic, especially after a hard day at work. I can just sit down for hours and do this without actually getting bored.


  1. I wanna buy ur postcards! Hahah

    1. WHY IS IT THAT I ONLY NOTICED YOUR COMMENT NOW. lol hello jeremyyyy. pls, you design nicer stuffs than me okay.