4 June 2013

Bedroom revamp


 Photos taken from my Sony Xperia V using low light (in an extremely dim setting)

After staying in my current bedroom for over 15 years, I finally decided to do a small revamp. With money right out from my pockets. Come, clap for me. I repainted my room from sunshine yellow to pastel yellow. Got some contractors to hack and remove my in-built wardrobe, study desk and shelves. After that, I was off for an Ikea spree, which I almost went crazy because I want everything. Like, everything. 

I bought two Billy bookcases, a study desk (which was big enough to fit my laptop and sewing machine), sliding-door wardrobe, and some awesome bedsheets. Including the paint job, hacking, and Ikea spree, I spent close to $1,000. My biggest spending eversince I started working a year ago. So I think I totally deserve this! :)

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