1 April 2013

Review: Samsung WB150F

As promised, here is my review of the Samsung smart camera I bought earlier this year. For those in a rush to read this, I have one word to express my overall experience with this camera – disappointed. If two words – deeply disappointed. Yes, that’s how bad the camera is, and it is only because of one simple thing – image quality. For those who have the time to read on, please allow me to justify my stand.

If there is just one single thing this camera is lacking in, it’s sharpness. I have used dozens of cameras in my life (Canon, Nikon, Sony, even Fujifilm) and none of their pictures were even close to how lousy this Samsung one produced. Coming from Samsung, – famous for its AMOLED displays and the like – to have a camera lacking in the sharpness department is just majorly disappointing for consumers like myself. The preview shots of this 14.2MP camera look smudged, as if someone rubbed their fingers over a piece of watercolour art that hasn’t dried up yet. Initially, I thought it was just the LCD display. To my dismay, the pictures were indeed very smudgey when I viewed it through my laptop. So bad, I can forget about admiring my boyfriend’s beautiful eyes because with all those smudges, I can’t see even one goddamn detail of his eyes at all.

In case I sound like a passive consumer, well, I’m not. Prior to my purchase, I did my research diligently on this camera. Trust me when I say I saw truckloads of good reviews of this camera online. I even made sure that the sites writing the reviews were personal platforms so they are more honest. I only went to the store to look at the camera first-hand after reading all the marvellous reviews. Then I got carried away with their creative filters the salesman were showing me. Okay, guilty as charged. But still, boo, I can never get over how blur/smudgey the pictures taken from this supposedly awesome camera were.

For me, the most basic aspect of a digital camera, no matter a budget one or not, is image sharpness. I mean, if image quality is poor, then what is there to shoot?

So bottomline is that this camera definitely appreciates good lighting and by good lighting, I mean outdoor, with the sun shining brightly above. Even clouds can interfere with the image sharpness. I thought this clarity problem was exclusive only to this camera model but a quick visit to the nearest electronics store prove otherwise. I picked up three other random Samsung camera and all of them produced similar quality pictures.

To prove my point even further, here are some unedited pictures taken from this camera for you to marvel its awesomeness (or not) at.

The food wasn't spared its power for "sharpness"

Watercolour, anyone?

 Not very macro.

 Missing and smudged facial features.

 Not sharp even on a bright day /:

Seriously, just no.


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