3 March 2013

The neglected cactus

Many may not think much about this cactus. Well, neither do I. But the more I looked at it, as I perched comfortably on my chair, the more I realized how much this cactus has actually taught me. It taught me perseverance. To be honest, I have been taking advantage of the fact that cactus can survive even on the littlest amount of water. That being said, I always only remember I have this cactus like once every 5 to 6 days, afterwhich I will be filled with so much guilt for not having been caring for it. So everytime I water it, I always have my fingers crossed that it wouldn't die on me. That it would still live well despite the 6-days-neglection that it went through, sometimes even longer. And it did. And still is. I would have died long ago if I were the cactus.

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