24 March 2013

Project Quote Pillowcase

Photos taken with a Canon Rebel T2i, 50mm.

This was what I was up to in the evening earlier. In case you might be wondering, I used acrylic paint on calico cotton that I got from Spotlight. This took me about an hour to complete. The sewing took under 10 minutes. It was all the painting and drying that was time consuming. I don't know if I should get myself some Sharpie fabric markers. Even so, I have no idea where I can find them in Singapore. Art Friend, maybe? I saw some Dylon fabric markers at Jurong Point but am not very sure about its quality. Plus, it comes in a set of 5 or 6 in various colours, but I only need the black one so I'm guessing it's not worth it to buy the whole pack. What am I gonna do with the rest of the colours? That being said, I think I'll just stick to acrylic paint.

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