6 February 2013

Chinatown crowd

Chinatown in Singapore. The crowd is beyond crazy. 

Imagine living in a small island, about 4 times the size of Washington D.C, but with a whopping population of 5 million people. And half of that is made up of foreigners, particularly PRCs. As if things can't get any worst, the other half consists of PRs as well, which means the real number of true Singaporeans are lesser than 2.5 million. To top that all, our crazy government just released a White Paper a few days ago saying that by 2030, Singapore's population will rise to 7 million.

I can hardly get on the bus every single morning when I go to work and evening when I leave the office. Everyday I have to literally rub shoulders with people from all walks of life. My point is, that is how crowded public transports are these days. Don't even let me get started on our trains. It's a hundred times worst than taking a bus. And it is only 2013. 

I wanna migrate. :(

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