22 January 2013

Samsung WB150F

I got myself another camera today! A red Samsung WB150F. Initially, I wanted a Canon SX150 but the only thing that was making me think twice was its battery. Instead of using its own battery type, it uses AA ones. That means, they probably can only last me about 100 shots or so. Another Canon, an SX500, has almost similar specs but it was going at $100 more because it uses an lithium battery pack. The salesman then introduced this Samsung. 

I almost immediately fell in love with the colour and size. It isn't too big nor too small. I think this was released about 5 months ago? Anyway, it has a lot of features in it that can keep me busy for the next few months. I'm sure. Some of these features include fisheye and tilt-shift effects. It has many other creative filters which was actually what got me attracted to the initial Canon (they have that too). But what won me over was its WiFi capabilities. Yes, WiFi. Pretty much a call for an OMG right. Lol.

Anyway, thanks to the WiFi feature, I can share the pictures I take on social media and even do a file transfer to my mobile. The best part of this feature is that I can control the camera remotely. Whaaaaaat. I can actually sync it to my mobile and use it as a remote control to take pictures. I can even zoom in and out! This camera is awesome. Even more so for not costing me a bomb.

So now, I can go get my Canon 550D repaired while I play with my new Samsung!

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  1. so funnn! go take pictures with it okay and prolly a reviewww? :)